Find out where to go vote, what you need to bring to the polls, candidate interviews and overviews, and important things to note.

Polling location & Sample Ballot


Candidate Interviews




Texas Party Platform on Healthcare, Immigration, and education and Issues

FYI, these graphics are useful to gain a general idea of your STATE Senators and Representatives platforms. It is best to check each candidate’s platform since these stances aren’t always applicable to every single candidate.


Important Things to Note

  • This is one of the most consequential elections of our time!

  • Early voting for the November 6th Election begins October 22nd and goes on until November 2nd.

  • Voting day is on November 6, 2018!

  • Remember, your vote is your voice. Do not complain about politics if you DON’T vote!


Get your personalized online voters guide that shows all the races on your ballot and allows you to compare candidates' positions side-by-side. You can even print out a "ballot" with your choices and take it with you to the polls on Election Day.