If you reside in the major metropolitan cities of Texas you can find your voter information here. Each election cycle we make sure to update each county with the polling places, sample ballots and your local newspaper endorsements on the races.


On March 6, 2018 - Texans will be voting in the Texas Primaries! Click on the county to find your polling location! 



Find out who your local & state representatives are!

Get your personalized online voters guide that shows all the races on your ballot and allows you to compare candidates' positions side-by-side. You can even print out a "ballot" with your choices and take it with you to the polls on Election Day. 



Voter info & Polling Locations



Important Things to Note

  • Did you know when you vote in the Texas Primary you can also vote on the propositions that help shape the platform of your political party?

  • Early voting for the March 6th Primary begins February 20th and goes on until March 2nd.
  • Voting day is on March 6, 2018!
  • Texas is an OPEN PRIMARY! Which means you do not need to register with any political party to vote in their Primary. You can choose to vote in the Republican or Democratic Primary, but NOT BOTH!
  • If you voted in 2016/2017 and HAVE NOT MOVED you can vote in the Texas Primary!
  • If you have moved and not updated your voter registration it is TOO LATE to register to vote for the Primary but you can still register for the November 2018 Election!
  • Remember, your vote is your voice. Do not complain about politics if you DON’T vote!