The System Is Not Broken, We Are

In the months leading up to the November 2016 election, many of our Presidential candidates discussed a political system that was broken. People from both sides of the political spectrum vehemently agreed. We have undoubtedly become a more polarized nation than anytime in recent history. These days people see each other in two categories, with them or against them meanwhile there is no mutual respect or understanding from either side.

It got me thinking, is our democracy really broken right now? A part of me realizes corporate money and interests have played a pivotal role for why people feel the system is broken. People feel the government doesn't care about them anymore instead politicians are vying to satisfy their own greedy interests. Furthermore, the two main political parties are in a stagnant gridlock that it seems difficult to see any type of bipartisanship in the near future. It's easy to point the blame on the politicians claiming to be representing us but what about us? Does any of the blame lie with us? Personally, I feel WE are the main culprits behind the system being broken. 

It's a harsh statement to make, I know. Learning about your own flaws is never easy, it's always the toughest criticism to take. Yet, if we are to get out of this political fiasco we need to be the ones to lead the charge for change.  It's time to stop pointing our fingers at others while conveniently looking the other way at our own mistakes. It's time to own up to our mistakes.

  • First of all, I want to discuss liberal elitism, many people voted for Trump because they felt he would bring jobs back. Despite the fact Trump's policies are unsympathetic to their causes, their loyalty to him is to spite those of us who've made fun of their lack of education, called them white trash, a basket of deplorables or automatically considered them as racists.
  • You can live in your bubble on social media thinking in 2020 things may change but you'd be oh so wrong with that assumption. Please don't forget the other half of the country still voted for him.
  • Please remember your social media newsfeed is not indicative of how everyone in this country thinks or feels. 
  • How can you ridicule and assume the worst of Trump voters when you don't want the worst assumed of you because of the color of your skin? You're going to taunt your higher education in these peoples faces? These are the same people who also work so hard for their kids so they can have a better life.
  • Liberal elitism is a real thing and it is in full force which will only lead to a country so rife with division that a united country will be impossible to attain. Do yourself and the country you love a favor. Stop ridiculing those who voted for Trump and try to understand where they're coming from, only then will we really attain the change our country so desperately needs.

  • You can be upset with the racism, sexism and hypocrisy the current administration is enforcing. I totally agree as to how abhorrent it is.

  • But you should not ridicule those who haven't had the same educational opportunities as you. Stop being an elitist and start being an activist.

  • I firmly believe liberal elitism is a contributing factor to why we feel the system is broken as we continue to divide ourselves from us v. them.
  • But, I truly feel we the people is the major reason for this broken political system.  
  • I find it disappointing that we can be up to date on the current gossip but not on the state of our political affairs.
  • We can research on the schools we will send our kids to, the house or car we buy but not on the politicians that will decide how to spend our hard earned tax dollars.
  • We expect a politician to fix all our problems but are unwilling to put in the effort to try and fix some of the problems ourselves.
  • We want a fast fix yet deny the amount of hard work and time that goes in to bringing change.
  • We want change but can't change ourselves.
  • We want those who represent us to be held accountable but are unable to hold ourselves accountable.
  • We want politicians to not listen to corporate interests but we have done an abysmal job showing up to town hall meetings or getting to know our politicians to let them know about our concerns.
    • Politicians are not going to care about us if they are not hearing from us. 
  • We have the money to spend on designer items yet are unwilling to spend on a candidate who could bring about positive change. 
    • Corrupt politicians exist but we have the ability to vote them out!
    • SO many candidates could bring about positive change but do not feel they are capable of winning due to lack of funding.
    • Think of the change we could bring by utilizing grassroots funding to vote out the corrupt politicians!
  • We do not have the time to get involved and learn about politics but have the time to learn about other inane topics.
  • We read headlines and think ourselves to be fully knowledgable on a topic but are reluctant to learn from those more informed than us.
  • We want people to listen and understand our perspectives but are unwilling to listen to opposing viewpoints.
  • We do not have any interests in politics but expect politicians to have an interest in us.
  • We forget a politician has to take a variety of opinions into account when making a decision. 
    • Think would you only listen to one of your kids opinions? Or listen to all of their opinions before making a decision? 
  •  We want other groups to realize and understand the difficulties our community is facing yet we are unwilling to understand and help other communities with their difficulties. 
    • Prime example: How could people vote for Trump when he is such a racist? Does they not know it impacts us (South Asians)? Well, have you thought about other peoples' issues and perhaps  your preferred candidates' policies may not have helped those people out? 

In essence we have been lazy. Our laziness is what has truly broken our political system. We got too lazy to know our politicians, to hold them accountable, to go vote, to get involved and to work for our country.  Our democracy starts with "We the People" meaning we are meant to participate in our government and we simply stopped. I am unsure as to why this happened, whether it was social media, television or various other distractions but it did. And now we are suffering the consequences of our laziness.

To achieve change we must begin the change ourselves. Constructive criticism is always difficult to hear but we all (myself included) need to understand these critiques and work on fixing them. It will be hard, we will fail many times but there will come a time when we will shine through. I will say it is heartening to see all flurry of political activity but WE CANNOT LOSE THIS MOMENTUM!! We must keep it up for the 2018 and 2020 elections to ensure we do not suffer the dire consequences of our actions again. Remember it is WE THE PEOPLE and a democracy is meant for us to participate in. Do not ever forget that. 

Of course my podcast segment goes in much more detail, so make sure to listen to it below!