Tax Cuts Are Killing Public Education

We continue our interview with Chairman Anchia and discuss the politics surrounding the funding of Texas Public Education. While the soundbites of tax cuts always sounds amazing, it usually has unforeseen consequences. Tune in to hear how some of the politicians in Texas want to cut property taxes without addressing the impact it will have on the Texas Public Education System.

Tax cuts always sound like a great idea but what most people don't realize are several unforeseen implications can arise. Your taxes pay for infrastructure, roads, schools and several other government services. Any cut on taxes is a cut on the many services the government provides you. This past legislative session, cutting down on property taxes and franchise taxes were the big taxes being talked about.

In Texas, these two taxes help fund public education and a cut on these taxes is going to deplete our resources to fund our school systems. And if you think you'd be paying less in property taxes you will be taxed elsewhere in order for the state to come up with the same amount of money in their budget. Some bills discuss increasing the sales tax while decreasing property taxes. Think of the burden this will be on poor people. Poor people usually have no property of their own so they wouldn't be outrightly paying property taxes but they'll have to pay so much more in sales tax. They'd attain no benefit and would probably be worse off.

So the next time you hear about tax cuts make sure you WiseUp and understand who all it can impact and the long term impacts to the state!