Session is Coming!

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year! WiseUp is back in the podcasting business and ready to update ya'll on the latest happenings in the 85th Texas Legislative session and on our President Elect Donald Trump. 

In case you didn't know, the Texas legislative session begins today. Several of the bills they pass will have a much larger impact on your day to day life compared to the bills passed by Congress. Just because election season is over doesn't mean we stop paying attention to what our representatives are doing. So what all do you need to know?

1. Each of us have a representative in the Texas House and Senate. Look them up and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on what they're doing. Find them here:

2. If you've issues with any bill CALL your representatives! Calling them is much more effective than emailing. Read why here:…/heres-why-you-should-call-not-e…

3. What's on the agenda this year? Several things such as: a bill banning transgender friendly bathrooms, transportation infrastructure, public education funding, child protective services ( where close to 200 kids have died under state care) and many more. You can read more about the agenda here:

4. You may think certain legislation in the agenda does not necessarily pertain to you but that doesn't mean it cannot affect you. Certain bills which deal with social issues can have a detrimental effect on our economy (Ahem the bill banning transgender friendly bathrooms) which in turn hurt funding for our schools and infrastructure. So don't forget to think about the potential unintended consequences that could occur.

5. You got more questions? We have more answers. Don't forget to follow WiseUp (we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) where we will be covering the upcoming Texas legislative session along with our new President Elect. Our podcasts resume this Tuesday which will air on Radio Azad and be up on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Remember everyone: Let's get educated. Let's get wiser. And let's start giving a hoot!