You all have been seeing all sorts of posts on social media on how to resist the current administration, but how much of it is actually true? Tune in to hear the best ways to resist and the Nation and Texas news of the week.


Alright we have been seeing a surge of Facebook posts about calling the government to voice your concern on certain appointments or executive orders. As a former staffer I wanted to offer my advice on what to do or say. Furthermore, a lot of what I have been seeing is fake news and this segment focuses on what really happens at your representative's office.

IMPORTANT: If you reside in Texas, you have one state representative and one state senator. You also have a representative in the US House of Representative and TWO Senators in the US Senate. 

  1. First of all, find out who your State and Federal Representatives are here.
  2. It is important  to call YOUR OWN Representative. You can call other offices but if you're not in their district, your voice is of very little importance. Legislators tally and value the input of the calls coming from THEIR OWN district. They will know if you are in their district or not because they will see your number on their caller ID and know the zipcodes of their district.
  3. The staffer who picks up your call is usually an intern and has probably been continuously yelled at for their bosses political choices. Please be kind to them. They really don't deserve the verbal abuse.
  4. When you call make sure to give them your name, phone number and the reason for why you are calling. Short and simple does the trick.
  5. Yes, I know many are fearful of Bannon and his new place in the National Security Council. While his position of Chief Strategist isn't required to go through the Senate Confirmation process there may be a way to get him off the National Security Council. This bill is being filed by Senator Murphy and this is a prime opportunity to get YOUR senators attention to do something about Bannon. Call them and ask them to be in support of this bill.
  6. It is unfortunate there is nothing you can do to pressure President Trump to overturn an Executive Order (EO). Your congressional representative can't do anything either. BUT, they can file legislation to overturn the EO and that is something you should call your representatives about!
  7. Occupy Democrats, Brietbart, Infowars, US Uncut are NOT VALID NEWS SOURCES!!! Please refrain from sharing their "news" on your Facebook. You are perfectly fine to share the memes in good fun but please please do not rely on them as a news source.


So besides calling your representatives, how else can you continue to make an impact?

  • Look up who your representatives are here and start following them on Facebook so you can keep tabs as to what they are up to!
  • Your representatives come back to their district and hold townhall meetings, if you are following them on social media you can find out about these events; attend them; and get to know your representative and voice your concerns!
    • This is how the Tea Party movement gained status and was able to get their platform in on a national level.
  • Donate to awesome non-profits such as the ACLU and legit journalism (NPR, Texas Tribune, Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, The Houston Chronicle and The Dallas Morning News-just to name a few).
  • Make sure to support other marginalized communities when they are dealing with bigotry or legislation targeting them. Only when we work together can we make a difference.
  • Take some time to unplug from social media. With your newsfeed flooded with articles and information it can be overwhelming to say the least. It's always good to allow yourself to have a mental and emotional break from all the news. It allows you to recharge and get back to working on what's important instead of continually feeling anxious. 
  • And the best way is to get to know your neighbors! In today's society we barely know who our neighbors are anymore and it's quite sad. You may not think of it as a form of resistance but you are dispelling what the media and others have portrayed you as. You may also find that the two of you have a lot more in common than ya'll thought. =)