Primary Pastiche


The major primary races are drawing to a close with Super Tuesday less than a week away. In this podcast, I discuss the results of the Nevada/South Carolina Primaries, why Jeb Bush didn't do well in the Republican Primaries and the best candidates the South Asian community should vote for in the Texas Democratic Primary.



Donald Trump has now won three primaries in a row (New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada) and it seems inevitable that he is going to easily snag the Republican nomination. Everyone is wondering why he keeps winning and in the end it's because of peoples anger and distaste of the government.  Many of Trump's supporters feel that the government has done nothing to ease their burdens and they believe someone from outside the government establishment is going to fix our country's problems.  

Personally, I feel it is time we stop ridiculing Trump's supporters and start understanding what their problems are. Instead of inciting Trump's hateful rhetoric, we need to start having meaningful conversations on their issues and figure out a way to help his supporters. Ignoring them or casting them off as crazy isn't going to help our country in the future, it is only going to continue to isolate them. In the end Trump brings the crazy out in some people but we have to be the ones to stop it.

I was really shocked when Jeb Bush dropped out of the Presidential Race but after dismal back to back performances in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina it was expected.  Jeb Bush seemed like a moderate Republican candidate more in line with what the GOP was like during the Reagan administration. He also had an exorbitant amount of money in his campaign fund. Unfortunately, he has been out of touch with his party since he left the Florida Governorship back in 2007.  Since then the Tea party has swooped on in and religious/racial intolerance has become acceptable within the Republican party.  

While Jeb Bush attempted to debate on policy, met with several country's leaders to discuss his plans on foreign policy, rarely made caustic remarks against any particular group, in the end it wasn't enough.  Many people these days aren't interested in detailed policy ideas or political experience. They are more intrigued by a fresh face and 30 second soundbites of what the candidate plans to do as President (which is another reason why I think Trump is winning).

As someone who has worked in policy, a 30 second soundbite is insufficient to properly explain your political platform and future Presidential goals. Policy knowledge and experience is also vital in attempting to pass bipartisan legislation and getting anything done.  I think the Republican Party lost a moderate Presidential candidate and if Donald Trump is elected as President I think his own supporters will be in for a nasty surprise.

Finally, all eyes are on Texas as Super Tuesday approaches. With the most delegates up for grabs for both the Republican and Democratic parties, Texas has a lot to offer. Last week I covered the best candidates to vote for in the Republican Primary, this week I covered the Democrat Primary.  I found that most local newspapers had great recommendations on who people should vote for and I followed that for the most part. But, make sure you do your research on the candidates, the issues that matter to you and go vote! 

My opinion on why to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Primary

Let me start by saying President Obama has set the bar so high for the next Democratic nominee that no one looks as great compared to him. But, I do make the case to vote for Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential nominee. I know most millennials are for Bernie Sanders and while I find his platform to be enticing it is too idealistic. Congress is the most polarized it has ever been and Bernie Sanders, with his far left platform, would be unable to bridge that divide.  Moreover, I am unsure how Bernie Sanders could attain money from Wall Street to pay for everyones education. It would be incredibly difficult to get Congress to pass such legislation. 

Also, I do not understand how he intends to implement his single payer system when it failed in his home state of Vermont. If it can't be done in such a small state how will you do it for the entire country? Furthermore, the overall costs to change into a single payer system would cost our nation billions of dollars. Do we have the funds and ability to invest so heavily in a new system of healthcare when we don't know the long term effects? 

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for him and his work in the US Senate.  But, I feel many of his policies are infeasible with the current climate in Congress, he will encounter a lot of pushback and will be unable to deliver a majority of his promises.

We need a candidate that can work within/across party lines and bridge the divide and I believe Hillary Clinton has the ability to do that. Hillary has shown bipartisanship during her time as Senator and after a bitter loss to Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary she endorsed him and worked as his Secretary of State.   She intends to protect President Obama's policies and due to her vast political experience I feel she could even enhance those policies. 

Sure, she has had her share of mistakes but no candidate is perfect. As always, you should be cautious in believing politicians-if you think any of them are fully trustworthy then you've got a thing or two to learn. People complain that she has vacillated on certain policies but remember Bernie Sanders initially rejected Senator Kennedy's comprehensive immigration reform bill back in 2007.  While she may not have supported certain policies in the beginning, her platform has adapted with the changes that have come across our society.  It is always good to know when a politician is willing to listen to what the American people want, evolving their platform and not staying stagnant in their political beliefs.

Her honesty and integrity has been questioned several times due to the Benghazi and email server incidents. Time and time again she has shown up to the hearings to answer the committees hours of questioning. Not many politicians have shown that much patience and she didn't complain when she had to do it time and time again. You don't even see the Governor of Michigan having to go through as many hurdles while he knowingly poisoned his own people.

Therefore, it is for her experience, patience, pragmatism and ability to compromise which is why I find her to be the better (not best) candidate for the Democratic Primary. Last but not least, I am ready for our first female POTUS.