Preserving the Confederacy- Pay Tribute to the Oppressed

Statues have become a controversial topic as of late, particularly Confederate statues. There are those advocating to keep the Statues of Confederate soldiers as a way of preserving history. Preserving history to ensure we don't repeat the same mistakes is important. But, their reasoning to preserve the Confederate statues as a symbol of the past is beyond absurd.



Our country has done a poor job discussing some of our terrible past deeds. Besides reading about it in textbooks, how often have you come across anything addressing the treatment of the Native Americans, the slavery of African Americans, or the internment of the Japanese Americans during WWII? Very very little. To guarantee history doesn't repeat itself it is vital to show future generations the good, the bad and THE UGLY.


The Confederacy was an institution of brutal oppression and institutionalized violence. There is no need to preserve the history of the people who helped perpetuate this repugnant institution. Instead, we should take lessons from Germany. Nowhere in Germany do you see statues of the Nazis. Rather, they've several statues, museums and memorials showcasing the gypsies, the mentally impaired, the Jews and the other minorities that suffered under the cruel Nazi regime.


This is what we need to do- get rid of the memories of the oppressor and pay tribute to the oppressed. Take down the statues of those who furthered oppression and build statues, memorials and museums displaying the atrocities the Native Americans, African Americans and Japanese Americans suffered. Therefore, Americans will constantly be reminded of the incredibly dark times of our country's history and will hopefully attempt to not repeat those same mistakes. Now THAT is how to properly preserve history.




The African American memorial by the Texas Capitol in Austin, TX.