Open Dialogue


We are right around the corner till the election, early voting begins in Texas October 24th. I hope you all are WisingUp on your national and local candidates before you head to the voting booths. Along with the news of the week, I have an interview with Imam Adeel Zeb about the Black Lives Matter movement and how it important it is for the South Asian and Muslim communities to be understanding and supportive of them.  

**This track aired on 10/17/2016**


  • I loved Adeel's statement, in order to help the Black Lives Matter movement we need to begin open dialogue.  
    • I sincerely hope you all will really think about having an open dialogue with those people you don't understand or feel uncomfortable with.  
    • This can be neighbors, politicians, different communities or those of other faiths.
    • Having open dialogue will enable us to understand one another and eventually make our country a better place! 
    • Remember fear of the unknown is what drives hate and open dialogue is one of the best ways to combat hate. 
  • If you'd like to read the two articles I referenced in the interview, you can find them here:
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