Interview w/Kim Olson for Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Are you concerned about the lunches served at your child’s school? Concerned about the produce and meat you consume? Ever wondered where or how you can even make an impact in those areas?? Well, this is where the Agricultural Commissioner comes in and YOU get to have a say as to who that will be this November.

The Agriculture Commissioner has a variety of duties, you can read more about them here.

The current Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller, has had plenty of contentious news despite his work on the job. He has compared Syrian refugees to rattlesnakes, used taxpayer dollars to get the “Jesus shot”, and posting jokes about Pakistan recruiting suicide bombers from a suicide hotline. You can read more about these contentious stories here. And you can check out his campaign website here.

Kim Olson believes she’s a better candidate for the job and realizes that while food may be the problem in many areas, it is also the solution. There has been some controversy about Kim’s past and you can read more about it here.

So, check out our interview with Kim Olson and hear about her platform and how she hopes to include the diversity of Texans in the food you eat!


Don’t forget early voting begins October 22nd through November 2nd. Election Day is November 6th! Make sure to check out our Voter Info page to see the latest info for early voting and election day!

FYI, we did not request an interview with her opponent Sid Miller.

Azra SiddiqiComment