Interview with Laura Moser (TX-7)

If you live in Congressional District 7 (parts of Houston), the Democratic Primary has been a contentious one and heavily covered by the media. Laura Moser, who is running to be the Democratic nominee for CD-7, had opposition research used against her by the DCCC in the March Primary Election. The DCCC claimed she was too progressive for the district she is running for.

Texans, don't like non-Texans telling them what to do, still gave her enough votes to send her off into a heated Democratic Primary Runoff.

Early voting has begun in the state of Texas for the Primary Runoffs with Election Day on May 22nd. Tune in to hear what Laura has to say about this upcoming runoff election, learn more about her platform (she is big on gun control), how it is to be a mother and running for office (it sure hasn't been easy), and why she thinks she'd be the better Democratic nominee to go up against Rep. Culberson in November.

A brief bio on Laura Moser (provided to us from her campaign):

Laura Moser is a mother, journalist, author, and fifth-generation Houstonian. Her Houston roots run deep: Her grandmother's grandparents settled in Houston from Ukraine in 1879 and her great-grandfather arrived in 1942 as a refugee from Nazi Germany.

She is also an activist, with a lifelong history of advocacy for women’s autonomy, health, and choice that extends across multiple generations in her family; her father worked pro bono for Planned Parenthood and her mother spent five years on its Board of Directors, leading the Public Affairs Committee and organizing the clinic defense at the 1992 Republican National Convention.

When Hurricane Harvey struck and countless Houstonians lost their homes and more, Laura helped organize relief for those not being reached by aid, building a relief center and turning her living room into a collection site for thousands of donations from across the country-even the world.

It was after 2016, when Laura’s activism took a national stage.

She is running for Congress in Texas' 7th District and is one of the female leaders of the Resistance against Trump. As the founder of Daily Action, a text-message service launched a month after the 2016 election, Laura mobilized nearly 300,000 Americans to get involved in the political process, some for the very first time, and notched real victories like helping to block the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, ousting Steve Bannon, and forcing Republicans to renege on their plans to gut the Congressional ethics office. This led Laura, who had never before considered a bid for public office, to take the next step and run against a 17-year Tea Partier incumbent in one of the most diverse districts in the state, one that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016.

Laura stands up proudly for the values that all Americans share - those of decency and respect.

She believes that health care is a human right and that every child deserves a quality education in schools that are safe from gun violence. She believes that every worker deserves a living wage and equal pay for equal work. And she believes in bringing the politics back to the people. The voters of TX-07 are like the majority of Americans - they reject racism and believe in treating women, immigrants, and LGBTQ people with respect and equality, and they deserve a representative who will reflect these honest values and help bring sanity back to Congress.


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Finally, don't forget to vote on election day (May 22nd) for the Primary Runoffs!

You can find out who is running in the runoffs here.

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