Immigration Platform for the Texas Republican and Texas Democrats

Both the Republican and Democratic parties had their state party convention this summer. At their respective conventions, each party developed their party's platform for what their party stood for. We are focusing a few of our podcasts on certain issues we feel are important for the South Asian community to understand.

This segment we focus on Immigration. Tune in to hear the highlights of each party's platform on Immigration and some of the differences between the two parties. With the midterm elections less than two months away, it is imperative for our community to begin Wising Up on their candidates!

Please remember not all politicians follow their party’s platform and it is best to ask them how they feel on certain issues. This graphic is to provide you a general idea of the many issues our state faces and how each party intends to address them.

By the way, check out our handy dandy graphic highlighting the main difference between the two parties and their stances on Immigration.


Azra SiddiqiComment