Healthcare Platform for the Texas Democrats and Republicans

And so we continue our understanding of the Texas GOP and Democratic party platforms. Today's segment is about Healthcare. There are several healthcare issues plaguing our state which are not only impacting our economy but the lives of millions of Texans.

Tune in to hear the many healthcare problems our state is facing, and what each political party is aiming to do about them.

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You can find the Texas GOP platform here.

You can find the Texas Democrats platform here.


  • Democratic Party platform

    • Healthcare for all. Healthcare is a human right.

      • It sounds really great but what people tend to forget is "How does the government intend to find this?"  

      • Are they going to raise taxes or redistribute the budget?

      • What would end up being cut in order to fund this?

      • It's great to hear these awesome sound bites but it's also great to consider the repercussions if such legislation is passed.

    • Support Medicaid expansion.

    • Accept the billions of medicaid dollars for the state's medicaid program.

    • Reject backdoor privatization of medicare.

    • Improve quality of care.

    • Increase service to rural areas.

    • Crackdown on the abuse of medicaid.

    • For the use of cannabis for medical usage and legalizing possession of it.

      • Many states have legalized cannabis use and have used those tax dollars in the sale of cannabis to fund other things, such as education and healthcare.

    • Support the coverage allowed by the Affordable Care Act for mental health and substance use disorder services and  encourage Texas to accept the federal Medicaid money to deliver coverage to close the coverage gap.

      • There has been an opioid crisis that is plaguing our country. This would help with the substance use disorder services. There needs to be more funding to get people the help they need.

    • Supporting legislation to combat the state maternal mortality crisis.

    • Oppose any legislation that would dangerously restrict access to abortion care.


  • Republican platform

    • Fund all state supported living centers for mentally disabled legal texans.

    • Legislature should provide appropriate funding for improvement of mental health services for children and adolescents.

    • Deny welfare benefits to those who cannot prove their citizenship.  The recipients of welfare should be required to work, learn, and train and also be substance abuse free.

    • Welfare recipients should submit to random drug tests.

    • The federal welfare program should be abolished.

    • Oppose all efforts to validate transgender identity.

    • Oppose a legalization of illicit and synthetic drugs (cannabis is assumingly on this list.)

    • Healthcare decisions, such as immunization, should be protected from government intrusion and TX public schools have a duty to inform parents that they can opt out of CDC recommended vaccinations for their children.

    • Abortion isn't healthcare and planned parenthood should be defunded. 

      • Please note that planned parenthood also provides abortion services, help to pregnant women, and free breast cancer screening, etc.

    • Create a passage of healthcare reform through a market-based, transparent system.

    • Against Affordable Care Act- it is unconstitutional and  should be repealed.

    • Oppose the expansion of medicaid and believe it should be returned to its original purpose- A temporary assistance program, not a permanent program for citizens to rely on.

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