Elections Are Coming!

Wait, What? MORE elections?

Yes folks that's right. There are more elections coming up and it is happening May 6, 2017. For many of you residing in the major cities of Texas, ya'll have City Council and Mayoral elections! The City Council and Mayor are the ones who decide how your tax dollars are spent, planning and designing infrastructure, roads, schools and passing city ordinances. They will make more of an impact on your daily life than President Trump ever will. Therefore, this election is VERY IMPORTANT TO PARTICIPATE INIf you've been feeling all out of sorts since November this is the perfect time to get involved! Furthermore, there are many desis running for city council and they could use your help. You could donate to their campaigns, help them campaign by calling constituents or go door to door to block walk (which is also a great way to get to know your neighbors)!

If you're curious as to the desis running for office, they are:

**Their names are hyperlinked to their campaign websites!**

If you know of any candidates we missed, please do let us know. We would love to support our South Asian community! 

If you reside in any of those cities please make sure to show your support and get out to vote on May 6th! 

Voting Info

First of all, are you registered to vote? If you voted in the November elections and haven't moved, there is no need to register to vote again. Just show up at your polling location, with the proper form of ID, to vote in your municipal election. If you're not then, register here. The deadline to vote for the May 6th election is April 6th!! Early voting at most locations begins April 24th. So you will have plenty of time to WiseUp on your candidates and vote. 

Listed below and divided by geography are the links to each major cities election page. Here you can find information regarding who is on the ballot and where you can cast your ballot whether it's early voting or on election day! 

DFW Area



San Antonio

El Paso


And if you want to hear the news regarding the Texas Legislature, National News and more about why it is so important to vote in your municipal elections, listen to the podcast below!