DACA- the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was implemented by the Obama Administration through executive order in 2012. The children impacted by this order are called DREAMERS. 

Last week President Trump repealed this executive order and instead put pressure on Congress to pass some type of legislation regarding the Dreamers. Majority of people believe only the Latino population will be impacted, but this is false. There will be thousands of Asians and South Asians also impacted. 

In fact, 2,800 Pakistanis as well as over 5,000 Indians will be impacted. 

We wanted our listeners to understand the detrimental impact DACA will have on our community and Saba Nafees was kind enough to volunteer her story. So, tune in and listen to Saba share her personal story of how the repeal of DACA will directly impact her and what you can do to help.

Finally, the best way to help the Dreamers is to call your US House Rep and Senator and ask them to pass the DREAM Act