First Presidential Debate


Tune in to hear my thoughts about the first Presidential debate or shall I call it a circus? I also cover what topics weren't covered during this debate leading to what we can look forward to in the next two debates. Finally, I answer a listeners question and suggestions regarding how to get the Desi and Muslim communities motivated to vote this election cycle.



So many thoughts on this debate, just a few of mine:

1. Terrible horrible no good very bad moderation.

2. Donald Trump is smart to not pay taxes.

3. My pet birds would squawk so loud whenever Trump was talking. I'll take that to mean they don't like him.

4. So many of Trumps thoughts didn't cohesively flow and I can't even begin to wonder how crazy that fact-checker kept going off.

5. HRC was pretty poised in many of her arguments despite the amount of times she was interrupted.

6. I appreciate HRC's statement of including American Muslims but we contribute so much more to society than just fighting terrorism and I wish political candidates from ALL parties would begin acknowledging that. If you don't know us please do get to know us, we have a lot more in common than you think.

7. If you haven't registered to vote yet, PLEASE DO SO! (

8. Wait China is to blame for global warming and climate change? We need to have a more substantive discussion on how to fix global warming rather than figuring out if it exists or not! 

9. Trump blatantly lied about his war on Iraq record. 

10. Fact check the debate here:

More of my thoughts are expressed in this podcast segment please tune in! 

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