Accountability Across the Board


In this segment I briefly discuss how we need to hold our politicians, media and ourselves accountable for the decisions and articles we read about politics. 

I also talk about the media's coverage on HRC's health, how HRC dealt with her pneumonia issue, Trump's lack of transparency on his health records, and the latest news in Texas Politics.

Finally, I have an interview with Vance Black who is a citizen of the Cherokee nation and was kind enough to discuss the ongoings of the Dakota Access Pipeline Movement occurring in North Dakota as we speak. The Native American community is one we don't have daily dealings with but have been marginalized throughout the entire history of America. They are not only currently dealing with an environmental crisis but environmental racism as well.  

It is time for us to hold our media, politicians and ourselves accountable for what's happening in our country. It is time to WiseUp. 

Things to Note and Think About

  • If you'd like to donate to those involved in the Dakota Access Pipeline Movement you can do so here:
  • Have you registered to vote yet? The deadline for Texas is October 11, 2016! If not, register here:
  • Do you think sexism is playing a role against Hillary Clinton for President? 
    • President Obama definitely thinks so, what are your thoughts?
  • How important are the health records of the Presidential Candidates to you?
    • Do you think what HRC and Trump have given are sufficient enough?
  • What role do you think the media plays influencing the general public during election season?
    • Do you think they should focus more on policy issues?
    • Are you guilty of clicking on certain articles because of their titles but find them to be mostly irrelevant?
  • Have you ever heard of environmental racism?
  • Do you feel the Muslim or South Asian communities have dealt with these types of scenarios in America?
  • How much does environmental policy matter to you and the South Asian/Muslim communities?

I really want to hear from ya'll! Make sure to reach out on my contact page or email me at! =)

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