No One Begins Their Life As A Hashtag

Last night I watched the videos of #AltonSterling son sobbing as his mother made a statement and the brutal shooting of #PhilandoCastile with his four year old daughter in the backseat witnessing everything. My heart broke. The lives of their kids have changed forever. I urge everyone to watch the videos despite how uncomfortable it makes us feel. In fact, it should make us feel uncomfortable.

We should be asking why does this keep happening? We should be horrified. We cannot be silent. We cannot expect others to stand up for us if we don't stand up for other marginalized communities. While the majority of the police force are genuinely amazing and do their job to protect and save lives, there are a few that overstep their authority. Drake said it best: "No one begins their life as a hashtag." It's about damn time to begin open and honest dialogue. Our country desperately needs it. #blacklivesmatter

Azra SiddiqiComment