Disappointingly Hopeful


Disappointingly Hopeful is the theme for this podcast. I am disappointed with the violence all over the world but hopeful for the progress we have made and can continue to make. In this segment I go in depth of what the Black Lives Matter movement is about along with debunking the common misconceptions around it.  Furthermore, I talk about how the police also deserve our support for the protections they give us every single day.  Supporting BLM or the police need not be mutually exclusive, we can do both.  Lastly, the South Asian community needs to do a much better job to support the BLM movement because if it wasn't for their fight for civil rights in America, South Asians would not have the successes they have today.  

Original air date: July 17, 2016


  • I was disappointed at how few politicians wished the Muslim-America community an Eid Mubarak.
    • Especially the Texas politicians given that the state of Texas has the largest Muslim population compared to any other state.
  • I am disappointed how people are unable to differentiate what the Black Lives Matter movement is about and are persistent to write/say All Lives Matter. They are missing the point.
  • I am disappointed how the South Asian community isn't as angered by the racism and grievances the African American community is suffering. 
    • South Asians cannot expect other marginalized communities to defend them if we aren't doing the same for other marginalized communities! 
  • I am disappointed how open carry laws have caused a detrimental effect for the African Americans who openly carry.
    • Furthermore, I am disappointed that our police forces are killed or shot at more in states where open carry is legally allowed.
  • I am disappointed in Donald Trump's running mate, Governor Pence. But, let's be real, anyone Trump chose would have me disappointed.


  • I am hopeful that the South Asians in my generation will be more willing to stand up for other marginalized communities. This is after seeing their reactions on social media with regards to Alston Sterling and Philando Castile.
  • I am hopeful for the city of Dallas after seeing the interfaith rally that included Omar Suleiman representing the Dallas Muslim community (although we needed to have the Sikh and Hindu community involved as well). 
  • I am hopeful that Dallas will not be defined by this horrific incident due to the hard work Mayor Rawlings and Dallas Police Chief Brown are doing together.
  • I am hopeful that the American people will see the South Asian community as being supportive of the police force because they held a rally honoring the police officers of Dallas.
  • I am hopeful that since Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton, he will be able to get his supporters to vote for Hillary over Trump in November!
Azra Siddiqi