The latest WiseUp podcast contains the news of the week, basic information about World Refugee Day (June 20, 2016) and the potential VEEP candidates for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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Original air date: June 21, 2016



Personally, I am unsure who Donald Trump could get as his VP candidate that would help expand his voter base. Most of the GOP assume that being the VP candidate would be suicidal for their political careers. With all that being said if I had to pick some favorites from the GOP list they would be Governor Nikki Haley and Senator Rubio.

Governor Haley is of South Asian descent and would probably not perpetuate Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric.  Senator Rubio would bring a different type of charisma to the ticket along with some saneness and knowledge on policy. But, let's be real, neither of these two seem very interested and I don't plan on voting for Donald Trump anyways.

On the other hand, the Democratic party has a plethora of worthy candidates that it was so hard for me to pick my favorite. I narrowed it down to three: Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Cory Booker and HUD Secretary Julian Castro.

I love Senator Warren's progressive views and I believe she could bridge the gap within the party while galvanizing Senator Sanders supporters into the Clinton camp. Also, how awesome would it be for us to have two females on the ticket??

Senator Booker would be the first African American VP and has been a strong advocate for the poor people. After these hotly contested primaries, income inequality has come to the forefront as a hot button issue for this upcoming election. I think Senator Booker could continue to advocate on behalf of the poor and ensure that income inequality gets the proper attention it needs in DC.

Finally, I may be slightly biased to choose HUD Secretary Castro since he is from Texas but I think he would bring an Obama style charisma that Hillary Clinton could really use in her campaign. He would also be the first Hispanic VP.  Furthermore, I definitely think he has the ability galvanize the millennials (a group Hillary really needs to enfold within her base) and Hispanic communities to come out to vote. 

Well those are my thoughts on the potential VEEP candidates. Please comment below on who you think could be the VEEP candidates from both parties. I'd love to hear some of ya'lls thoughts!

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