Justice Is A Manifestation of Love (Part 2)


In today's segment I discuss the latest national news and updates on the Presidential election; along with my opinion on Hillary Clinton's stance on Radical Islamism, the sexual assault case at Stanford, and the horrific incident that occurred in Orlando this past weekend. 

We also continue last week's interview with Simran Jeet Singh regarding the Islamaphobia in Texas study.

Original air date: June 14, 2016



  • Will Bernie finally drop out today?
    • We will find out tonight. I am sure his meeting with President Obama last week was to ensure part of his platform will be incorporated into the Democratic Platform.
  • HRC's use of Radical Islamism.
    • Democrats have refrained from using that word.
    • In an interview with MSNBC, HRC stated that she has no issue using the word or Radical Jihad but that it is unnecessary. She did add that you cannot demonize a single religion.
    • I appreciate her sentiment BUT personally the only way politicians and the media can stop demonizing Muslims is to just call these people radical terrorists. No Islam or Jihad words need to be a factor to describe these unhinged people. Enough is enough.
  • On to the saddest and most tragic news....
    • We all know about the 49 people ruthlessly killed at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida. The details of the incident are absolutely harrowing.
    • I want to start by saying while the Muslim community is rightfully condemning this atrocious attack we also need to mourn. Mourn for the 49 beautiful and innocent souls that were lost.
      • http://abcnews.go.com/US/orlando-nightclub-shooting-victims-named/story?id=39799005
    • Secondly, as South Asian and Muslims, culturally we are not open minded towards the LGBT community. This needs to change and for several reasons:
      • Religiously and culturally you not agree with the LGBT way of life but know that people may not like how you practice you're religion/life but they respect your choice.
      • What matters is that America was made so people could free to practice their faith and life as they see fit.
      • We have dealt with so much bigotry since 9/11 and due to our experiences we should be against any and all forms of bigotry.
      • Furthermore, the LGBT community has stood by us when we faced bigotry and now it is time for us to do the same.
    • It has become a wretched ritual for the Muslim community to condemn these barbaric attacks. But, as we unite behind the LGBT community during this mournful time, I hope people from within our community begin having tough talks about how we have been silent, mostly unsupportive of the LGBT community and what we can do to change that. 
    • While we quickly stand up and post about anti-Muslim situations we are silent when other minorities face bigotry.
      • Maybe for the LGBT community it is because our government has for the most part been unfriendly to them. 
      • BUT, this does not mean we should stay silent. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!
      • Now more than ever we need to stand with the LGBT community, mourn with them and let them know that we support them because we stand for NO FORM OF BIGOTRY. 
    • Last but not least, we MUST discuss gun control NOW!
      • This was the worst mass shooting in US History 
      • The statistics for the number of mass shootings in America is beyond staggering.
      • For the upcoming November elections addressing gun control issues should be one of the top priorities you look for in your local and presidential candidates.
      • This is not the time to stay silent, don't let the media define us. 
      • This is the time to outwardly support the LGBT community and vouch for gun control to ensure this type of atrocious, hateful, senseless act of violence NEVER EVER happens again. 
      • USE YOUR VOICE! 

Interview Takeaways

  • Part 1
    • This study found it to be important to define Islamaphobia, key issues and start cataloging Islamaphobia incidences over the past few decades to look at trends. The end goal is to use this study to influence policy and lawmakers!
    • We have no good sense of what Islamaphobia is like in America and more so in Texas.
    • While many Muslim-Americans share information about Islamaphobia not everyone realizes the amount of Islamaphobia incidences.
    • From the study, they are beginning to see a pattern. Many people are able to identify 1-2 Islamaphobia incidences but they do not feel it is a big deal. It isn't until Simran Jeet Singh begins pointing out the many incidences in his classrooms that others begin to understand what a serious problem Islamaphobia is.
    • Texas is in an interesting position. While it is known as backwards due to many of the politicians rhetoric it is the most ethnically diverse state in the US and has the largest Muslim population.
    • Religions has been racialized and that is an important distinction to note.
    • Innocent people are having to deal with bigotry for what they believe, which is a very dangerous situation to be in.
    • Our elected officials are demonstrating anti-Islam sentiment in their political rhetoric and this is dangerous for two reasons:
      • They are challenging the foundation of separation of church and state.
      • They are also giving people the ability to promote bigotry and hate.
    • Islamaphobia has been negatively affecting our kids as well. A way for parents to deal with this situation is to:
      • Raise your kids to see the goodness in everyone and be appreciative of differences.
      • People are scared of others due to their fear of being different. Educating others about your beliefs is one of the most important things you can do to fight bigotry.
  • Part 2
    • Islamaphobia has disproportionately affected the Sikh community because of the way they look with their turban and beard.
    • The Sikh community has been standing with the Muslim community and refuse to say they are not Muslim. 
      • They firmly believe that the problem cannot be fixed until racism is addressed at its core. They are against deflecting racism to another community.
      • It is an unfortunate reality that doing the right thing against bigotry has become so uncommon.
      • It is also incredibly unfortunate that the Muslim community has not been standing up for the Sikh community as well. I see so many people posting about anti-Muslim incidences but are mostly silent when an anti-Sikh incident occurs. It is essential we change and become more supportive to every minority group that is dealing with bigotry. We cannot expect others to stand up for us if we are unwilling to stand up for them.
    • The way the Sikh community has dealt with bigotry is through education and having people who have committed crimes against the Sikh community to come to the Gurdwara and participate in community service there. 
      • This way the people who've perpetrated crimes against the Sikh community are able to learn more about Sikhism, their values and way of life. 
      • Furthermore, the Sikh community believes that justice is the manifestation of love and enhances the ability to humanize a situation. In this way, peoples negative outlooks change and their view of the world broadens.
    • How to hold those accountable for bigotry?
      • We have a responsibility to speak out for those who do not have a voice. 
      • When you see bigotry happening, make sure to speak up about it! 
      • We need to be effective while fighting bigotry but also show compassion to those who are unaware of what our religion and values are. 

I hope you all enjoyed learning about this study as much as I did! Again, you can read the study in full here: https://diversityandciviclife.org/research/islamophobia-in-texas/

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