The Sikhest Interview


This week's podcast discusses the latest political news along with an interview with the creator of Sikhtoons and how he uses humor to combat misconceptions.



We are currently living in a time where the color of our skin or the religion we practice is a source of bigotry in America.  There are several ways we attempt to combat these misconceptions but art is a form the South Asian community rarely uses. When I came across , I was intrigued at the way he placed turban characters in an American context.  I found Vishavjit's cartoons coming off as serious with underlying sarcasm as a completely different way of dealing with the situation.  Some of the main takeaways from my interview with him are:

  • Through his cartoons he is able to reach people for a few moments, make an impact and start shifting the conversation.
  • Taking a tragic experience and attempting to do good from it.
  • Drawing the cartoons and using it as an opportunity to dispel stereotypes.
  • Breaking down the walls to stop the anxiety other Americans may feel towards the South Asian community.
  • Drawing people in with his cartoons which leads to the audience trying to get to know him and connecting with him.
  • Getting people to understand that we have more in common with them rather than differences.
  • We need to embrace the challenges and work to get past them.
    • It sure isn't going to be easy!

Finally, following your passions!

  • As South Asian Americans, our parents emphasize having a strong education but we should also go off the beaten path and follow our dreams.
  • Our family may not always be supportive but once they see how happy and successful you are, they will be accepting.
  • Just look at Vishavjit: he is now happily drawing cartoons to combat hate and misconceptions full time!
Azra SiddiqiComment