If You're Not At The Table, You're On The Menu


In this weeks podcast, I discuss the weekly political news for Texas and the US and have an interview with the Communications Director for the Texas Democratic Party (TDP).  Most importantly, Austin, Houston & Dallas and their surrounding areas have upcoming elections on May 7, 2016 for their city propositions, city council and school district. These local elections are the ones that will make the largest impact on your day to day lives! Below, I have posted links to Austin, Dallas & Houston's proposition and candidate list.

Please make sure to read up on the candidates running for office in your local election and go vote! Tune in to hear what these local elections are about, the South Asians running for political office within Houston & Dallas and how this is the time for South Asians to be a part of the conversation and at the table and not on the menu to be chosen from. 

Voter Info

Click on the link of the metropolitan area you reside in for information on who to vote for on May 7th! 


While many of us know which political party we identify with, it can become burdensome to keep up with each parties agendas both on a National and Local level. I hope you all gained some knowledge of the Democratic party's platform for the upcoming legislative session. Anyways, my main takeaways from the interview are:

  • I learned how the top 10% rule advances diversity in our higher education institutions.
  • The TDP is ready to protect Hazelwood and the DREAM act just as they did last legislative session.
  • The TDP would like to continue to fight for Paid Family leave and Equal Pay in the upcoming legislative session. 
  • Several different minority groups have similar values as South Asians and combining our forces can bring about change since we are working towards a common goal
  • Education, Economy and Immigration is what TDP is really focusing on this upcoming legislative session and for South Asians the Economy and Education are the most important values. 
  • Lastly, if South Asians don't come to the table to discuss our values then we will just be a group to be overlooked and picked from the menu. 
Azra Siddiqi