Navigating the Choppy Campaign Waters


It's been a while! But, in this weeks segment I cover the national and Texas political news for the past two weeks. I have an interview with Wajiha Rizvi who has worked on both a local Texas Senate Campaign and a National Campaign for President Obama. So, tune in to hear about her explaining and navigating the choppy campaign waters so we can understand the political campaign process and hear about her personal experience.



  • The workings of a political campaigns have always remained a mystery for a majority of people and I'm glad you all were able to tune in to hear Wajiha's personal campaign experience.
  • In this segment we got to learn how a campaign works, all the different moving parts and the amount of labor and toil that goes into each campaign!
  • We gain a basic foundation of how the Political Action Committee (PAC and SuperPAC) work and how big money influences political campaigns.
    • Sometimes you have to play the system in order to change the system.
    • Use the money from SuperPACs and PACs to get elected in order to overturn this system and pass new legislation to overturn Citizens United.
  • Main takeaway: Voting isn't enough. South Asians can make a major difference by campaigning and donating to political campaigns. By campaigning you get to meet and know your candidate therefore they get to know you and your values. Furthermore, other communities also get to know you and your community!
    • It's always great to start at the grassroots because it is the perfect way to become connected to your local community!
    • When my family and I campaigned for the Plano Mayoral race, the candidate got to know us and our values along with the community! It truly brought about positive impact for everyone involved.
    • The 2016 elections are coming up and there is still time to find a candidate's platform you're passionate about and campaign for them!
Azra Siddiqi