The Ambassador's Obligation


In this podcast I discuss the latest political news affecting our nation and the great state of Texas. I also have a great interview with Mustafa Tameez who has been active in Texas politics for a very long time and he gives his personal insight of what we as South Asians can do for the 2016 elections!

As South Asian-Americans and Muslim-Americans we have to remember that we are ambassadors of our community to the rest of America.  Therefore, we have an obligation to make sure we look out for and get to know our neighbors and be of service to one another. 


  • To begin with I was in total awe when I got to know about all the political and campaign work Mustafa Tameez has done for Texas!
    • I mean those are my #careergoals right there!
  • Also, if you don't live in Houston and are unable to watch his show on FOX 26, check out his Facebook page to see clips of his show and links to his editorials in the major Texas newspapers.
  • Overall, Mr. Tameez had some excellent points about our community and what we can do for the upcoming 2016 election.
    • I found it very interesting to know that statistics show that if Americans meet a South Asian or Muslim, they have a more positive outlook of our communities.
    • Politics is the core way for us to make change and see the change we want to see.
    • There is an ongoing demographic shift, of more South Asians moving to the Southern parts of the U.S.
    • By 2044, America will be a majority minority country and by 2065 Asian-Americans will be a larger population than the Hispanic community. 
  • So what does this mean for us and what should we do next?
    • We are ambassadors of our faith and our culture to every American we meet.
    • We have an obligation to get to know our neighbors and help them out.
      • This is also in line with the Muslim faith.
    • Remember that your day to day actions reflect our community as well-be kind to your co-workers, get to know your neighbors, become involved in your child's school and extra-curricular activities and show people who you are on a personal level. It will truly go a long way!