Super Tuesday


This podcast covers the Super Tuesday results for both the Republican and Democratic parties, how the Republican party is reacting to Donald Trump, how the rest of the local elections in Texas went and what South Asians needs to do next!

**Correction: There were MORE Republicans than Democrats that voted in the Texas Primary! **



I was not surprised by many of the Presidential election results for Super Tuesday. With the current delegate counts it seems inevitable that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be going up against each other in November. But, I am curious to see what the mainstream GOP establishment is going to do...will they support Trump or break off and try to nominate someone else?

The Texas local elections, for the most part, were pretty easy for the incumbents. Very few upsets there. But, I sure do hope people will show up for some of the run off elections in May (hint hint for those that are eligible to vote for the School Board elections)!

What should we as South Asians do next?

  • So Super Tuesday has come to an end, what do we do now?
  • First of all, some elections have runoffs coming up in May. Make sure to check if your county has any!
  • We need to continue to be active to combat the hate.
  • Also, let’s start researching upcoming candidates up for election (November isn't too far away): 
  • So, who do you want to hear from on this political segment/podcast?
  • And what are some of the political issues you want to hear and learn more about?
  • We may not agree with some politicians’ stance on issues BUT we must start talking to candidates from both parties and ask what they intend to do if they are elected.
  • Finally, we need to discuss what our values are so that politicians can realize we are in their district and they begin recognizing and catering to us.

Come on guys, let's #WiseUp and Start Giving a Hoot!

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