Modern Day Gettysburg


Gettysburg was a major turning point in the American Civil War and is similar to the end of the third Super Tuesday which was a turning point for this 2016 election season. This podcast covers the results of the second and third Super Tuesdays along with a brief overview of the new SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland.


  • The Democratic Party
    • While Bernie Sanders won Michigan he got swept by Hillary Clinton in Super Tuesday Part 3. 
    • I think the Sanders campaign was shocked with the Ohio results because Ohio has a very similar demographic compared to Michigan where he won.
    • HC had an awesome day in her campaign winning Ohio, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina and Illinois.
    • Even though Bernie lost, he isn't out yet: He's waiting for Primaries in NY and CA, where he could win big. 
    • The last two Democratic debates have been fiesty between HC & Bernie!
    • I have been hearing a lot of people say that if Bernie isn't the Presidential nominee there is no way they'd vote for Hillary or even bother to vote at all; this is concerning and if HC wins the nomination I wonder how her campaign is going to bridge the divide.
  • The Republican Party
    • Trump won every single state but Ohio, which went to John Kasich (who is the Governor of Ohio).
    • It is interesting to note that many Democrats and Independents in Ohio voted in the Republican Primary to support their Governor.
      • Personally, I feel that this speaks volumes as to the fact that regardless of party lines many people were willing to support their Republican Governor. He could be someone that could bring together a very fractured nation.
    • Marco Rubio has dropped out of the race since he lost badly to Donald Trump who took his home state of Florida.
      • I met a reporter at SXSW from Miami that predicted Rubio would lose because he has lost the support from the Tea Party and Latinos in Florida believe that he betrayed them on immigration reform.
      • He is not running for reelection for his Senate position and states that he will be a private citizen from 2017. 
    • Ted Cruz was pretty close to Trump in Missouri but ended up losing. He hasn't won a Primary since Texas. 
    • The big question that comes up every week: How is Trump still winning so much?
      • If you've ever heard a full speech (not the racist sound bytes that you hear in the media) you will quickly realize he is a great speaker with a lot of charisma.
      • He also speaks very simply and directly without a lot of the political mumbo jumbo. 
        • While this has worked to reach the people, his policies are vague or nonexistent for almost every policy issue and I've a hard time seeing how any of them would actually work.
      • People love that he isn't part of the establishment.
      • Many people are so disenchanted and angry with the government not doing anything for them.
      • Some news sources believe that many blue collars are afraid of the economic progress for minorities and that's why they vote for him.
      • Others believe that people like the authoritarianism of Trump and that's why they vote for him.
      • According to NPR, he has been getting educated and non-educated voters.
        • Something to consider: what is the standard for an 'educated voter'? Just a college education? I mean I see plenty of people with a college education posting misleading articles on social media. Just because you hold a college degree doesn't make someone more knowledgable about politics/policies. I just think this whole 'educated voter" standard needs to reevaluated. 
      • I think the reason why people vote for him will remain a mystery.
      • At the end of the day, everyone has different priorities: I have a classmate that supports Ted Cruz and loathes HC. Her family is in the armed forces and the reason she doesn't support HC is due to the Benghazi scandal, she felt that HC has a complete disregard for the life of our military. Benghazi doesn't affect me as much as it did for her. Whereas, Trump and Cruz's remarks about Muslims or not allowing Syrian Muslim refugees make a much larger impact on me than it did for her. People will vote for those candidates that align with their values. We may not appreciate the racist remarks and maybe their followers don't either but to them most of their candidates values align with them. So, you may not agree with peoples choices for politicians but we can make progress by discussing what issues are important to us so we can understand each other better!
  • Things to consider
    • With the Presidential elections and the SCOTUS confirmation it is a very exciting time to watch politics.
    • President Obama finally picked his SCOTUS nominee. I am curious to watch how the Senate Republicans are going to respond to Merrick Garland, a 63 year old white male that has held centrist views and is widely respected across party lines. 
    • How good are Bernie's chances in NY and CA?
    • Where will Rubio's supporters go?
    • The Trump protests in Chicago prove how broken we are as a nation. Sure we all have our thoughts/opinions about candidates but all the animosity and violence at rallies is unacceptable. After the election is over we are still one nation and we have to learn to peacefully coexist. I am troubled as to how that will happen after this election season is over.