Two Firsts & A Second


Today we had our first political interview with Michael Filak.  He is running for Congress for District 3 (parts of Plano, McKinney, Prosper, Allen & Frisco) in the Democratic Primary against Adam Bell and if he wins he will go on to try to beat incumbent Congressman Sam Johnson in the November election! Tune in to hear his interview along with our thoughts on today's New Hampshire Primary & President Obama's visit to the Baltimore Mosque.


Well, I got my first political interview and I must say I think it went pretty well. As a native Planoian, it was so refreshing to hear a candidate that spoke about the evolving demographics of Collin County. Too often in America minorities are underrepresented and their values unaccounted for. Michael Filak intends to change that with his platform of equality for all religions, races, gender and sexual orientation. 

Moreover, Mr. Filak sees the importance of investing in our children's future and making sure they live in a better world. He hopes to do this by investing in better education, expanding health care coverage through the ACA and really focusing on fixing our Environmental issues. His message to the South Asian community was impressive and really resonated with me- we need to become involved in local politics, get out and vote and show that we are a part of the American community. 

To learn more about him, check out his website:

Stay tuned for the next two weeks as I discuss the candidates that would be the best for the South Asian community from both the Republican and Democratic Primaries in Texas!