Closing Time


Closing time. We are coming to the close of the major Primary races and finalizing who our Presidential Candidates will be for the general election. The Supreme Court has lost a brilliant legal mind with the passing of Justice Scalia and it is causing a major impact in the political world. 

In this jam packed podcast I discuss the results of the New Hampshire Primary, what we can expect for the upcoming Nevada/South Carolina Primaries and the impact of Justice Scalia's passing.  I also discuss the best candidates for the South Asian community that are on the ballot for the Texas Republican Primary. Last but not least there is an interview with Adam Bell who is running for U.S. Congress District 3 in the Democratic Primary. 


I interviewed another candidate that is running for U.S. Congress District 3.  His name is Adam Bell and he is running against Michael Filak (whom we interviewed last week) in the Democratic Primary.  While we are currently dealing with the most polarized Congress in history, Mr. Bell intends to strive to work across party lines.  He recognizes that as an elected representative it is vital to represent everyone in their district.  There have been many times when Mr. Bell has noticed elected officials only representing a small group of people instead of their constituents as a whole.  

Mr. Bell's platform intends to focus on continued reform on the Dodd-Frank act, ensuring Syrian refugees are welcome in America and accepting the failure on the War on Drugs by decriminalizing marijuana.  To learn more about Adam Bell, check out his website: . 

Stay tuned for next week as I discuss the best candidates for the South Asian community in the Democratic Primary and the results from this Saturday's Republican/Democratic Primaries.

Finally, early voting has begun in Texas- please go vote!!!